CNG Cylinder Hydro Testing

We provide effective CNG Cylinder Hydro Testing Services, which are performed by our well experienced professionals, who are well versed in their respective field. The setup consists of several machines such as Compressors, Shot Blasting Machine, Ultrasonic flaw Detector, Hydraulic water jacket Hydraulic water jacket Water filling stands, Oil Remover Stands, Weighing Stand, Painting Zone, and Internal and External cleaning & examination zone etc.

  • Internal cleaning of cylinders.
  • Cylinder Wall Thickness measurement by Ultrasonic Thickness Tester.
  • Water Jacket and Direct Expansion method for Hydrostatic stretch testing.
  • Shot Blasting Machine
  • Ultrasonic flaw Detector
  • Cylinder Drying, External Cleaning and Painting.
  • Test mark sign is used after testing the fitness of the cylinder.
  • De-pressuring & Degassing of Cylinders
  • Checking of Tare Weight
  • External Inspection (thickness,bulge,burn,dents,dig)
  • Internal Inspection
  • Hydrostatic Test
  • Fixing of Valves
  • Assemble & Disassemble of CNG Cascades
  • Deliver the cylinder with Certificate.

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